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Welcome to themed Weddings
You may be looking for a themed wedding and their are a so many styles to chose from Maybe you are looking for a Film based wedding like Harry Potter.
So you want a special Ceremony that matches the theme.
Wording that mirrors LIKE  "good morning witches wizards and muggles".
Maybe you would like some magical incantations, some witches and wizard hand fasting and jumping the broom. A speech from Rubeus Hagrid or  professor Dumbledore.
Then I'm happy to help you create the Ceremony you want and it can be the magical day you envisage. The dream is just a spell away.
Maybe  your themed wedding is based on a Fairy-tale and you want sparkle, glit's and coach and horses.  Maybe you want to be referred to as princes that went to the ball and found your prince charming that came to your rescue. Maybe you want Crystals of light and magic loving power to be  held and used to symbolize your love and commitment to each other. Your Ceremony should reflect, the fairy-tale dream you want and have wished for, a unique celebration of love. I would be honored to help you create that wonderful ceremony.
You might want a Nautical Theme with pirates or just with sailing.
You could require wording with nautical terms Like "Our sailors today would like you to witness them tie the bowline knot today." *looping them down the rabbit whole round the tree to a long and secure future together*. You may want more ancient wording like  pirates of old like " set sail adventure awaits "  May your anchor be tight and your compass be true. What ever you want for your special day the wording can be created to match the dream. Be hearty and bold we can make it happen.
Maybe you would like a native Ameican indian style cermony with
Traditional Apache wedding blessing  maybe you would like the blanket cermony
A Pow Wow with the relitives. Maybe you want it in  natural setting in a field or clearing among the woods, in a a traditional Tipi. Maybe you want a audience with ancestors.
A wedding Ceremony can be all of this and more it depends what you want for your special day all can be arranged. The wording can reflect  the simplicity o complexity of such sentences like "Now we will feel no rain for each of us will be shelter for the other."

I have only mentioned a few Themed Weddings their are many to choose from others may include  Seasonal weddings,  Rustic styles and natural themes, Themes through the centuries like Rock and roll 1950, Hippy 1970,  Edwardian 1800, Elizabethan 1500 -1600,  Punk 1980  this is just a taster.
For more information you can leave a message contact me to discuss what you want
Phone: 07775561811
Email: celebrant@alisondean.co.uk
Themed wedding  prices £400.00
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