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Welcome to wedding services
Congratulations, you are getting married!
Your special day should be perfect in every way, and I can help you to achieve your dreams.
Luxury weddings and handfastings in the UK and Global Destinations.
Every couple is unique.
Being a Wedding Officiant I pride myself on being able to create the ceremony that is perfect - just for you!  Any location in the world.

My role as Wedding Officiant is to work closely with you to create a truly personal bespoke wedding or renewal of vows or commitment ceremony which is:
Filled with joy and love
Tailored to your own beliefs, style and requirements

Your ceremony. Your way.

Time - Whatever time of day or season of the year that you choose, spring, summer, winter, fall, sunrise, sunset or by candlelight, I will work with you to design a ceremony that runs to your exact timings.
Place – Wherever your choose to have your ceremony, i.e. home, garden, church, beach, lake, forest, hot air balloon, historic site or other venue, I can make it work for you, so that you have the perfect location to share with your family and friends.
People – Whether it's an intimate gathering for your closest family and friends, a guest list of hundreds or you want children and other guests to be an integral part of your ceremony, I can help you to achieve a unique day that actively involves the people closest to you.
Words - With no set rules or restrictions for your special day, I can help you
prepare meaningful vows and choose readings, poems and songs, which are personal and have special significance to you both.
Style - Whether you want to be married barefoot in a romantic ceremony on the beach, or in your finest formal clothes in a traditional church ceremony, I can help you to create a meaningful and momentous occasion that both fit and compliments your unique style.
Finally as your wedding officiant I never lose sight of the fact that the day is your day. So whilst I am on hand to help you, you will always have the final say on all aspects of your wedding or commitment ceremony.
Allow me the privilege of being your Wedding Officiant. Call me now to discuss how I can make a difference to your special day.
Frequently asked questions

Q. What about the Legal aspect in UK?
  • Currently in England and Wales only Registrars and designated religious clergy & officiants can legally complete the paperwork for the marriage documents. This means that (for the time being) this part remains separate to your Wedding Celebration Ceremony. You can arrange to visit the Register Office to formalise the paperwork at a time convenient to you - which may be on the morning of your wedding or a day or two before. We suggest you don't exchange rings before the Registrar.
  • I do not need to see any documentation in order to conduct your wedding celebration, it is entirely up to you when you hold your legal marriage. Most of my couples make the arrangements a day or two before and attend wearing 'jeans and T shirts' without any guests.
  • Your guests need not know your Creative Wedding Celebration Ceremony doesn't include the legal documentation.  This is not a problem. I deliver a ceremony which is very similar to that of a Civil Registrar led wedding.  Most guests at weddings don't even realise it doesn't include the legal aspect, they are always pleasantly surprised at how personal it is!

Q. How do we arrange the Legal Registration in UK?
  • Give notice of your marriage at your local Register Office. This costs £33.50 per person.
  • An authority for the marriage is issued by the Superintendant Registrar, and you are free to get married in any district by submitting your completed marriage notice forms to the Registrar of Marriages in the area of your choice for marriage.
  • Arrange your legal marriage ceremony whenever you want - before or after your wedding ceremony – on the day itself, or a day or two before. You can literally go in your jeans!
  • The marriage ceremony at the Register Office will take approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • A short statement about marriage will be given and you will be required to repeat a legal declaration.
  • You do not exchange rings. This will be done after saying your vows at the Wedding Celebration Ceremony.
  • The marriage register is signed by you both and your two witnesses.
  • A marriage at the Register Office will cost £40.00 plus £3.50 for the certificate. Including the notice it will cost just over £100.
  • You then are free to enjoy your Wedding Celebration Ceremony without any restriction on content.
Q. Where can the ceremony be held?
  • I will work with you to create a "uniquely you" wedding ceremony - and that includes location.  I officiate weddings on the beach, or in gardens, in a park or by a pool, in your home or on a houseboat, in barns and on bridges, in churches and chapels, mansions and museums, hotels and halls, coffee shops and castles, at a B&B or a football field, in a tent or in a tree house!
    In fact, any place that has special meaning for you. You are only restricted by your imagination.
Q: Does it matter what religion we practice?
  • Not at all. I serve you in a way that brings joy to your day. I am just comfortable serving you in the manner that helps you live out your own spiritual experience, whether devoutly Christian, Jewish, Muslin, atheist, or purely spiritual or any religoin. It is common for couples coming to see me to be from different religious traditions. Together we work to ensure that both are represented as much as practical.
Q: Can we include elements of different religions and traditions in our ceremony?
  • Of course! These make for interesting, rich, meaningful ceremonies. I work with you and your various traditions to put together a ceremony that truly reflects your wishes.

For more information you can leave a message contact me
Phone: 07775561811
Email: celebrant@alisondean.co.uk
Ceremony prices £400.00

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